Three Elements to an Awesome Gift


Gifts can offer either short-term value (gift cards, movie tickets, food and beverages), or long-term value (clothes, books, kitchen gadgets). Value is not always determined by the dollar amount spent on the gift, rather, it is determined by the significance and benefit it brings to the recipient. A gift of a box of chocolates, for example, could be seen as a luxurious treat to one, but sabotage of a newly implemented clean eating plan for another!


When giving someone a gift, we want them to be excited about it…and we also hope they remember who gave it to them! When it is personalized to the recipient’s likes and preferences, the response can be amazing…because don’t you feel special when someone gifts you with something perfect, and it’s only perfect because they paid attention to something you said in passing? That’s the kind of gift that we remember!

Visual Impact

Do you remember who gave you the coffee house gift card in your wallet? Often that answer is no. But what if that card was in an envelope with confetti inside, and brightly colored writing on the outside saying “Open carefully! There’s a party inside!” or put in a mug with some cookies and tied up with a pretty bow? Wouldn’t that inspire a more passionate response? We are much more likely to create value and memorability when our gifts have visual impact!